Dance ConXion

“ Dancing is for all ages and levels…lead with your heart and your feet will follow. ”

At Dance ConXion, our goal is to inspire creative energy, encourage creative expression and promote positive self-esteem through excellence in dance.” Our certified staff is dedicated to providing quality instruction in an energetic, fun filled yet structured environment.

Dance ConXion believes that dance can be for everyone. For the child who dances in front of the TV to the child who dreams of performing onstage; we have a class for that. We understand how busy households can get so we offer short sessions recreationally to give participants flexibility and choices. Our competitive program provides the more serious dancer diverse opportunities to train with industry leaders and attend esteemed events, providing the resources necessary for individual dancers to reach their personal potential and foster their love for dance.

Contact and Location


Address: 3215 N River Rd, Kentville, NS

Phone: +1 (902) 690-7685

Facebook: Dance ConXion